URBAN MATTERS - Can Data Make Life Sweeter?

URBAN MATTERS - Can Data Make Life Sweeter?

【URBAN MATTERS - Can Data Make Life Sweeter?】
Have you tried a candy inspired by data?

If that sounds peculiar, why not drop by Central Market to visit the (CUA)architect Exhibition co-organised by the School of Architecture, CUHK and the Chinese University Architecture Alumni Association?

onebite has an exhibit on display. Just look for the box structure in translucent aquamarine with the eye-catching sign Urban Candy Shop!

So what’s the relationship between candy, data, and architecture?

According to Zoey and Anson, onebiters behind the whimsical structure, the sheer amount of data recording our lives these days could seem overwhelming and complex, and impossible to incorporate into architecture. For them however, data is the sweetener designers need to inject doses of fun and surprise to enliven the city and urban neighbourhood we live in.

Hence, the name Urban Candy Shop, which uses six hand-crafted candies to spark meaningful conversations about waste, walking, healing, well-being, gender, and diversity issues, is just as easy and convenient as popping a sweet.

The sweets are made locally by @browntableculture.hk , an online bakery which incorporates local farm produce into their products. For this collaboration, patisserie Poyi drew inspiration from digital animations of the candies and incorporated her unique natural flavours such as lime, lemon, yuzu, and even a fusion of earl-grey tea and lemon to create six unique sweets that are surprising and exciting.

The sense of randomness and fun extends to the gachapon machine for dispensing the candies. One never knows which sweet, and the message it contains, would come next; just like how the use of data in daily life often reveals unexpected facts about ourselves and the city we love.

Come by Central Market from now till 31 March 2023 and enjoy some candies with us!